For many a person, a Car Accident can be one of the most traumatic experiences. Not only do you have to deal with the immediate damage to person and property, but then you have the, what can be, harrowing experience of the Car Claim Process.

To make this process as seamless as possible there is a process you can follow when a car accident occurs;

1. Quickly Identify other parties to the accident

Many would think that finding a safe area to park after an accident is the first priority. However, in today’s world unfortunately there are non-trustworthy people who drive off from the scene of a crime. So as you are moving towards a safe area away from traffic, try to identify as much of the other parties registration number and vehicle type. This will make things easier if there are any disputes down the line.

2. Move your vehicle to a safe area

Signal that you would like the other vehicle to follow you to a safe area away from traffic so you can obtain all information required without feeling rushed.

3. Calm down and lower anxiety

After a crash has occurred it is natural to have the blood flowing and anxiety high. Unfortunately, when you are in this state you can make rash decisions. Therefore, it is important to calm down before talking to other parties or making any decisions.

4. Do not Admit Liability

Never accept Liability in case of an accident. Leave this for the Police and Insurers to negotiate.

5. If another vehicle is involved obtain, the below details will be required come claim time, so it is important to obtain the below;

i. The Driver’s and Car Owner’s name, address and telephone number

ii. The other party’s Insurance Company

iii. The Make, Type and Registration number of the vehicle

iv. Name and Contact of any witnesses

Many of these details can be obtained via taking a photo of their drivers licence and placing all other information in your phone under note taking. This way you will not lose the date required

6. Take video or photo footage of any damage occurred to both vehicles in case of any dispute to the damage or how it occurred

7. Contact the Police to notify an accident occurred

Many people think a small accident doesn’t require any policy contact. However, in case of any dispute in the claim process, a simple contact to 131 444 to advise Police of an accident may reduce the disputes come claim time as to who is at fault

8. Contact your Insurer and/or Insurance Broker immediately

With all the information above, you can contact the Insurer and/or your broker and advise or the accident and as you have all the information fresh you can provide all information required to get a claim processed if required. Your Broker may also have some additional information to help keep the claims process as simplistic as possible and ensure you achieve the right outcome.

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