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We recently had a case whereby a client had been broken in to by thieves and had thousands of dollars’ worth of contents stolen. Although this in itself is a tough ordeal the client was unable to provide any proof of ownership which put a delay on the claims process. This bares the question, what can be done to ensure that when you need to make a claim, you can provide proof of ownership to ensure a smooth claim process? The below are a few hints and tips to ensure a smooth claims process;

*Retain Receipts of purchases for any substantial contents
*If you do not have receipts you can utilise manuals and/or warranties for any items as proof of ownership
*Maintain an Electronic Document Folder
Within this Document you want to store as much information on items you have as possible including;
*Scanned copy of receipts so they do not take up space in the old shoebox.
*Catalogue of all major items in household – such as in a Microsoft Word Document. Include description of the item, date purchased and amount paid for/valued. This will save countless hours and could help note what items are taken during the claims process.
*Pictures of every item in the house, including jewellery, as photos can be used by most insurers as proof of ownership where receipts are not available.
*Ensure your Document folder is not just stored on your home computer, as if your computer is stolen you will lose all the information required. You can store this information in the “Cloud” which you can obtain through free or cheap options such as Dropbox, or you can purchase an External Hard Drive where you can store somewhere separate from your Residence.

Although this may take some time to setup initially, it will save you countless hours in the long run in time and stress. For further information and tips or to obtain a free, no obligation review of your General Insurance contact the team at Able today on or 89819188.