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There has been a marked increase in small generic property crime over the past 5 years. Many of these small ticket crimes happen as a result of Homeowners not being wise. Police and Insurers have stated that a large portion of these crimes are opportunistic, in which thieves look for the easiest and most convenient way to steal. There are a number of ways through to ensure you do not become a statistic.

The Top 10 ways to secure your house are;

1. Don’t Showboat — yes we love the look of our items but so do the criminals. If you can keep the items away from view of the front of the house.

2. Tricking Burglars — The majority of burglars are youths under 18 which is why there is a spike during the school holidays. These thieves do not want to break in somewhere that is hard. Leave a light on, add a security light or install a Home security system with a sign — whether its recording or not

3. Secure sliding doors — The new triple lock sliding doors are far harder to break in to, but if you have an older house with old sliding doors it may be best to leave a strong dowel or steel bar in to the back groove to stop the thieves opening the door.

4. The old spare key under the mat was fine in 1940, but not 2016. The better option is to give you spare key to a trusted friend or relative. Everyone has mobiles nowadays so if you lock yourself out you can always contact the person to obtain the spare key.

5. Keep your yard clean and tidy…excess growth just gives thieves a hiding place. No need to cut down your whole yard but just manicure it a bit to deter.

6. Do not holiday and leave house by itself. There are many options such as professional housesitters or AIR BnB in which you can have people stay in your house while you are away. An empty house is once again just an easy target for thieves to take their time.

7. Know your neighbours. I know in todays age you probably know your neighbour through facebook more than in person, but get off the coach — go next door and have a coffee or beer so they feel comfortable in keeping an eye out for your house also

8. Facebook holidaying — as per previous, most people would rather live their holiday through facebook than actually enjoying it. However, this just lets thieves know you are away and gives them a chance to break in. Just be vigilant and do not facebook you are away, especially if your house is empty

9. Lock it up — simple message but most people forget to lock their houses when they leave or at night. 40 % of break ins are without the use of force. Do not leave your key in the inside of the door as for most screens people can rip the screening and turn the lock with the key.

10. Take valuables to bed at night and put them in your nightstand next to you. This will ensure thieves cannot obtain quick and easy goods from your lounge area.

When we discuss the above options we are not talking about locking yourself in your home as when this happens is when we know the world has gone too far in the wrong direction. Unfortunately since the dawn of time there have always been those that look to take advantage of people and as such it is all about being wise and ensuring you do not make it is easy for people to steal your possessions which you work so hard to earn.

We hope this helps to just change a few behaviours that ensure you do not become a statistic.