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Setting up Travel Insurance is easy, right? You just select when you’re going away, it’s gives you a price and Bob’s your Uncle? Wrong.

There are many tips to make Travel Insurance work for you and many Cautions you should look out for when applying for Travel Insurance, as we will discuss below;


1. Are you a bit of an Instagram holidayer and make a few trips away each year? It may be worthwhile to purchase an Annual Policy as in many case if you are travelling overseas 2 or more times in a year, it will be far cheaper to purchase an Annual Policy

2. Write down, or store the Insurers 24 hours Australian Number in your phone or with your Passport. That way if you do get in to trouble you can access help straight away. Throw some money in with your passport for an Emergency also

3. Ensure your Travel policy has unlimited Medical expenses cover. Places like US do not charge lightly for Medical treatment so you do not want to be caught short

4. Don’t book travel cover just before you head away, book it straight away. If you leave it to the last moment, you leave yourself susceptible to not being covered in case of unforeseen events before departure such as volcanic eruptions etc.


· Remember Travel Insurance is generally a pre-set exclusion policy, so anything you suffer from prior to the application could be declined by the insurer

· Claims without official police report from the region where the loss occurred can be declined

· Beware of “Unattended” clauses with insurers. If you leave your bag on a table while you go for a swim, the insurer can claim it is unattended and therefore deny the claim.

· Insurers will generally place depreciation on your claim items. So that flash bag you bought 7 years ago for $1,000, may be depreciated down to $200

· Beware of alcohol on holidays. If you have a severe accident whilst “Intoxicated” the insurer can deny a claim. So whilst you are allowed to have drinks, just make sure you are not classed as “Intoxicated” in case of an event occurring.

We hope your trip goes smoothly, but for any questions on Travel Cover — always contact your Able Insurance consultant on 8981 9188 or