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Below are a few simple tips and tricks to make your upcoming trip as enjoyable as possible with the lagging financial and emotional lag it can have;

In today’s technological world, for most people the first thing they pack in their bag is the charger(s) for all their electronic devices. When travelling overseas it can be difficult to know power converter work in what region. There are no some very nifty devices which have all the different converters for around the world and enable you to plug in either a standard plug or USB plugs. Having this one device can both save money by not having to buy a new plug each time, but save space with only requiring the one charger for several devices that can be charged together.

Do you hate getting a seat next to the toilets or at the front — allows you to put in your flight number and date and will give you a seat map for your flight along with which seats are best or worst to sit in

Many people will try and book their holidays on Credit Cards or worse — add it to a loan and then be left to be paying it off for another 12 months…or longer. The best way to pay for a holiday is budget for it within your weekly/monthly budget and leave a little in your emergency account each pay and use this to pay for your holiday. Not only will you save money on the interest payments, but also on all those credit card fees that different Flight and Hotel companies charge

Too often we hear of people thinking, it’s ok I don’t care if something gets stolen or lost — but travel insurance is all about covering yourself if an unexpected injury or illness occurs overseas. Other countries do not have the medical system Australia does and you will be charged — high! So use sites like or contact a broker such as Able Insurance Services to get covered.

Call your Credit Card company and ensure you put a travel alert on your card and jot down the international service number in case you require it while overseas

Make a photocopy of your passport and leave it with a family member or friend, or better yet scan and email yourself a copy.

Always carry some important items in your carry-on luggage, such as underwear, toothbrush, medication and swimsuit (in case of beach break) in case your check in luggage goes for a trip around the world.

For those that do like to have a drink while you are on holiday — a standard problem is forgetting your hotel or hotel number. As soon as you are given your room, place the hotel and room number in your phone or grab a business card and keep it in your pocket — that way you will always be able to point it out to get home.

We hope a few of these tips ensure your Holiday is as great as you anticipated and you can remember it for all the right reasons. Safe Travels from everyone at Able Insurance Services.