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Insurance Claims – Proof of Ownership

Signing insurance documents

We recently had a case whereby a client had been broken in to by thieves and had thousands of dollars’ worth of contents stolen. Although this in itself is a tough ordeal the client was unable to provide any proof of ownership which put a delay on the claims process. This bares the question, what […]

When to Insure a New Home Purchase

Most of us appreciate the value of home insurance, especially when it comes to protecting one of the most significant financial assets you will ever own.

Car Claims Process


For many a person, a Car Accident can be one of the most traumatic experiences. Not only do you have to deal with the immediate damage to person and property, but then you have the, what can be, harrowing experience of the Car Claim Process. To make this process as seamless as possible there is […]

Personal Accident and Illness Insurance

Personal Accident & Illness Insurance provides a weekly benefit as a portion of your income should you be unable to work due to a covered event – being bodily injury or sickness. This form of cover is important to have if you are a sole trader or a contractor and not covered by workers compensation […]

Business Insurance explained the Territory way.

Not sure what each Business Cover is for? We have simplified it to show some of the major examples. Property Damage: “Property Crime in Darwin is Decreasing!!” – yeah right!! This will cover your property and stock in case of any damage from break ins or Earthquakes (We will rebuild) as well as a range of […]

Types of Home Insurance

Home insurance is broken up in to 3 different components; Building Insurance covers financial losses associated with damage or loss of a property that you own. It covers the fixtures (e.g. plumbing, built in cabinetry), as well as the building itself. Think of turning your house upside down and anything that doesn’t fall out is […]